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The Freams LT (Light & Tough) convinces by its technical details and its modern design. The MagSealed construction prevents the intrusion of water and dirt particles via the shaft and ensures a long lifespan of the drive gear with a permanent smooth and light retrieval. The ATD drag works with a minimal starting resistance and offers perfect control especially during fighting critical fish – perfect when thin braided lines are used. Due to the application of a new carbon based composite material for the reel body, DAIWA was able to reduce the reel’s weight significantly and ensure an absolutely distortion-proof housing of the gear. The latest Touch Digigear construction enables an improved power transmission and longer durability. With the Freams LT DAIWA combines established and exclusive Japanese technologies within reel design with the reduced weight and sensitively of the LT concept.

The Freams reels are made for fishing in fresh water as well as for fishing for seatrouts or light jigging for cod, pollack and coalfish.

Features :

  • LT (Light & Tough)
    “LT” is DAIWA’s new spinning-reel concept. That means LIGHT and TOUGH. Introducing minimalist engineering in Daiwa spinning reels. LT Technology introduces new, reduced reel dimensions but makes them stronger than ever. Compact body design yet with tougher Digigear drive for the perfect combination of lightness and toughness. Pick one up and feel it for yourself.
  • DS5 reel body
    S5 is an incredibly strong carbon based composite material developed by DAIWA Technology and nearly strong than Zaion reels. Carbon composite can make the reel lighter and tougher than ordinary graphite. And as they are not metal, they never corrode, even in salt water use. Light, tough and highly durable! Together with Zaion DS5 is the ideal material for reels.
  • MAGSEALED body construction
    To prevent the penetration of water, dust particles or salt crystals between rotor and reel body as far as possible, we have developed a nearly frictionless barrier based on magnetic oil, which hardly can be overcome by neither water nor smallest particles. The result is a silky-smooth running.
    The magnetic oil barrier does not only prevent the intrusion of water, it also increases the ease of motion and the delicacy of feeling of the reel. You feel better connected to the lure, detect softer bites and experience more sensitivity during the fight with the fish. Especially for this new feeling we developed the “Air rotor”. First, the enormous strains, which affect the rotor via the line and the line roller are better distributed. This causes less pressure on the single parts of the rotor. Second, the new rotor is 15% more light weighted than usual rotors of the same material – this reduces vibrations and enhances the rotational balance thanks to a very low center of gravity. Under the same strain, a conventional rotor is much more distorted than an Air Rotor, since here the strain is scattered over the whole rotor and not concentrated to one point.
    Keeping the merits of DIGIGEAR, we considered how to make the gear tougher than ever. We studied all aspects; diameter, thickness, teeth shape and size. We experimented and tested everything one by one, refining and improving each element. The result is a leap in the level of DIGIGEAR toughness.
  • ATD drag system
    We have combined a variety of improvements; internal spool support, shaft construction and drag knob surface area to toughen and enhance even further what ATD delivers. LT reels provide a astonishing level of improved max. Drag power, even so they are reduced in size and lightweight.
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
    A weak part of many reels – the most reliable part of a DAIWA reel. Only high-quality parts made of steel with smallest tolerances are used.
  • Cross Wrap system
    This technology cross wraps the line around the spool for optimised offloading on the cast. This is absolutely key to preventing tangles and linespin.
  • Silent Oscillation system
    By the special position and guidance of the oscillation-gear wheels we improved the smoothness of the gear in comparison to usual systems of similar construction. The perfect tuning of the contact points between helicoid and straight teeth create an energy yield close to 99% and silent rotation. Daiwa gear trains offer superior winding smoothness.
  • Aluminum Air spool
  • CNC cut aluminum handle
    The Airbail reel handle is hollow and thus very lightweight, extremely strong and exeptionally resilient. The special, strengthening construction prevents the twisting of the line around the bail, which was a big problem for spin anglers in the past.
  • Twist Buster II line roller
    DAIWA’s original advanced technology designed to reduce line twist during retrieving. An essential reason for line twist has been eliminated with this smart idea. The Twist Buster 2 line roller not only minimises line twist, but also reduces further friction between the line and the roller.


    1. This limited warranty is only valid for Daiwa reels within the period of ONE (1) year from date of purchase.
    2. Reel with warranty card is entitled for ONE (1) year free servicing.
    3. There will be free replacement for each piece parts ONCE within the warranty period.
    4. This Warranty does not cover damage to the external/internal appearances or accessories supplied together with the products.
    5. This warranty is not valid for reels that have been tempered, modified, subject to repair by an unamortized party, or has been subjected to alteration, abuse or damage caused by the owner’s failure to provide routine maintenance.
    6. This warranty card must be filled in with details of the owner (complete with dealer’s company chop) and g return to Daiwa, accompanied by original copy of dated sales receipt upon service requirement. Incomplete information on the card will VOID the warranty and the service fee will be chargeable even within warranty period.
    7. This warranty is only valid for products distributed by Daiwa In Malaysia and Brunei only.
    8. Freight cost (from owner to retailer shop or vise versa) will be bared by the owner
    9. DAIWA reserves the rights to amend the above terms from time to time without prior notice.
    10. For Electric Reel, please refer to DAIWA ELECTRIC REEL WARRANTY REGULATION CARD (inside box).
WEIGHT (g) 180
GEAR RATIO 5.2 : 1
MAX DRAG Max 5 kg
LINE CAPACITY (NYLON) 2.5lb. (0.12mm) – 100m (110yds.) / 2lb. (0.11mm) – 120m (130yds.) / 3lb. (0.14mm) – 70m (80yds.)
(BRAID) #0.3 (0.045mm) – 200m / #0.2 (0.04mm ) – 210m / #0.4 (0.05mm) – 130m
WEIGHT (g) 185
GEAR RATIO 5.2 : 1
MAX DRAG Max 5 kg
LINE CAPACITY (NYLON) 3lb. (0.14mm) – 150m (160yds.) / 2.5lb. (0.12mm) – 200m (220yds.) / 4lb. (0.16mm) – 100m (110yds.)
(BRAID) #0.4 (0.05mm) – 200m / #0.5 (0.055mm ) – 170m / #0.6 (0.06mm) – 150m

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

FC LT 1000S, FC LT 2000S


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